Martyr & Lee accept payments via  For portraits, fees are due anytime from booking to the day of your session.  For wedding, a $1000 retainer is due at signing and the remainder is due no less than one month prior to your event.  


We'll let you know when your photos are ready!  Check out our Pixieset website to see your photos and download them at high resolution for safekeeping.  Share your link with friends & family!  Download web-size files for posting on social media.  


Order archive quality C-prints directly from your Pixieset link.  Our favorite paper types, finishes & sizes have been pre-selected to ensure that your prints are made to the same exacting specs that Stephanie & I edit our files for.  For high-end b&w prints, coordinate directly with Johnny to create museum quality silver gelatin prints.  

Fequently Asked Questions

Client: "Do you give next-day previews for weddings?"

Martyr & Lee: "Typically we like to look at our total body of work and edit consistently with the whole set in mind.  However, we're happy to provide next-day previews if you request them when booking so that we are sure to make time to process film and edit."

Client: "How long will it take for us to get our photos?

Martyr & Lee: "We usually finalize photos from portrait sessions within 1-2 weeks.  For weddings, we can take 3-4 months.  These are averages based on previous experience, however.  Due to the handcrafted nature of our work and the unique qualities of each session, we could take longer, or shorter.  But we'll be sure to keep you up to date with where we're at and will work with any important dates you might have."

Client: "After the photo session, how do I get my photos?"

Martyr & Lee: "We will upload all your best photos to our Pixieset website.  From here, you can view, share, download and print your photos."  

Client: "Does your fee include print packages?"

Martyr & Lee: "We don't offer print packages because we believe that each session and the needs of each client are unique.  We don't want to charge you for prints you don't want while forcing you to pay extra for the ones that you do.  We allow clients to take advantage of à la carte printing via their Pixieset album using our select print service.  Order as many or few prints as you like, at any recommended size."

Client: "I see that Johnny uses real film, so how do I get those images?"

Martyr & Lee: "After I take your photos, I process the film negatives and digitize them by hand.  They will be edited and uploaded to your Pixieset album along with Stephanie's digital photos and they can all be viewed, shared, downloaded and printed using the same methods."

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