How it all began.

Steph met Johnny while he was photographing a stage production. She complimented him on his camera & later he was so nervous that he put the wrong number into her phone. She managed to get in contact with him & they started taking photos together.

That was our beginning. A decade later & we've made a craft of telling yours.

Photography, for us, is all about storytelling and connection. We absolutely love weddings, from the littlest details to the big emotional moments. Our goal is always for you to look at your collection of images & be able to  feel  what is was like on that specific day. To remember the nervous anticipation, the feel of your dress as you walked down the aisle to promise forever, the pure joy of being surrounded by family & friends. Candid moments will always be my favorite for the power of emotion in the in-between gestures. And while your gallery will have plenty of gorgeous, traditional formals that are heirlooms on their own, combining them with all those candid expressions creates your own honest & unique heartfelt story.

A little about us.

Together we live in an log cabin from the 1890's, have two amazing girls Harper & Vivian, who we adore. OH! And a wild beast of a dog named Sebastian. (Not after the mermaid, think more NeverEnding Story.) Together we've blended our lives & our approach to art to create a unique synergy.

Stephanie Lee

Specializes in informal & environmental portraiture. She finds the spirit in even the most camera-shy subjects & renders them in genuine & serene moments. She categorically hits the snooze alarm too many times. Loves a great charcuterie board. Works full-time in Communications. Coffee is life.

Johnny Martyr

Shoots exclusively on b&w 35mm film that he processes & digitizes by hand. His lifestyle portraiture has been featured in Marie Claire, TED, HuffPost, & BuzzFeed to name a few. He's a freelance writer for Petapixel and an absinthe connoisseur. Johnny doesn't just collect old cameras. He loves typewriters, antique electric fans, horror movies, and his family too.

You can check out more of Johnny's solo work at

Denise Beall Photography

Mattie Myrtle Photography


35mmc Veruca Salt's Louise Post, a Shutterbug and the Importance of Tangible Things August 2023

Petapixel A Decade Later and I'm Still Married to B&W Film November 2022

Cedar Knoll  Save The Date  November 2021

Petapixel  Shooting Weddings on ISO 3200 Film, Full Manual, No Flash  May 2019

Fine Art Prints The Delaplaine  June 2018

Official Press Photographers for Matt & Kim at Flying Dog Brewery  March 2018

Real Weddings  What's Up? Weddings  Fall/Winter 2017

Website Photography  Frederick Gymnastics Club  2017

As If By Magic article  Modern Wedding  October 25th 2016

Preferred Vendor List & Advertising Photo  Dutch's Daughter  2016

American Advertising Award Winning Website Photography You Salon  2016

Featured by  Eleven Peppers  2016

Website Photography  Find Your Fairytale  2015

Feature Photo  Marie Claire Magazine  August 2015

Fine Art Prints  Cafe Nola  2015

Fine Art Prints  Artist Angle  Summer 2014

Promotional Images  Maryland Ensemble Theatre  August 2015

Official Photographers  Maryland Craft Beer Festival  2013

First Place Photograph  Kodak Gallery Competition  2012



“Thank you, Johnny! We are loving the photos so, so much. This one particularly hit me for some reason. It made me immediately tear up, which is not a normal thing for me. …we feel like this was the best money spent at the wedding!”